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Recharge Yourself on All Levels at Our Crystal Grid Sacred Ceremony

Join Our Tribe...

to be with you during the most important transformations of your life.
You will experience....
  • a scared healing ritual to connect to your soul heart
  • a special gift to create your own personal crystal grid at home (value of CHF79.00)
  • a deep dive into your strengths and abilites
  • a great connection with a group of open hearted people
  • the power of universal love and its unfolding infinite expansion
  • and learn how to recharge your body mind and soul, using sacred geometry
  • a connection with your higher self and have a deeper understanding of your souls purpose 
  • a deep feeling of relaxation and engery
  • a path to co-create with other like-minded souls
  • a beautiful surrounding with a one of a kind light grid
  • incredible food, made with heart & soul
During this sacred ceremony, we will activate the ancient crystal technology of Lemuira and Atlantis by using sacred geometrics, to align your heart and soul. When you connect to the deep love within, your heart is fully open and you are able to shift any blocks. Allowing you to reconnect to your true essence and fall in love of who you are, as you are. 
During the ceremony, you will feel the power of the self-love that eminates from within you! When we all stand together, our inner light shines even brighter, connecting us to the divine energy around us.  Opening up a portal to support us in our individal journeys and gaining insights from our souls. 
You will feel rejuvinated and connect on an even deeper level of your body, mind and soul. This connection is always present with you, to support you it the choices you make and the life you wish to create. 
Through this channel you are connected to your true self, healing energy and the beautiful power of the divine Universe.
We are never alone and the divine energies are here for us, to support us in transforming all blocks, and redefine our lives. 
I am blessed to walk this path with you, as we enter a new era together of creational magic and will lead you in an event guided by your soul.
The healing frequency of music from Cora Antara will combine the energies with her beautiful sound healing live music. 
Lightful and souful vegan dishes will be served to keep your energies balanced throughout the night. 
About Ananda Tribe

We believe we are all an intricate parts of the eternal web of life. Each individual is unique and an important piece of the collective.

Our Beliefs

We live in our truth with love and honor.

We are creators out of love, knowledge and Universal balance.

Our Purpose

The time is now to use your gift to impact the world. We are here for a purpose and it is the time to activate and share the talents among our tribe and in the world.

Our Vision

We are here to build bridges between people and the many paths to opening their inner heart.

Why Ananda Tribe Has Been Created


Ansarah's life is lead by her heart and she has dedicated her life to live her soul path with all it's gifts and responsibilities it holds.

She's incredibly interested and passionate about human evolution and the dramatically shifting of human consciousness and how that impacts the collective systems and structures we are globally living from, reconstructing and creating.

Her life’s purpose is to assist people in accessing their encoded heart intelligence, resulting in their Light shining bright and a self trust that is so strong they naturally – just by being themselves – ignite others – and this exactly is the purpose behind Ananda Tribe.

Are you ready for this highly transformational sacred crystal grid ceremony? 


Are you ready to be part of oneness?


Are you ready to walk into the golden age as a collective within our Ananda Tribe?


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Name, Title

Share the amazing things customers are saying about your business. Double click, or click Edit Text to make it yours.

Name, Title

Share the amazing things customers are saying about your business. Double click, or click Edit Text to make it yours.

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