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Ananda Soul Empowerment

Work With Me Personally

With a specific system I help my clients work through blocks, which are holding them back from following their soul path. In this journey, we walk through the valleys of shadows and embrace everything on the way, in order to heal and integrate the many facets of life. My clients walk away with the feeling of knowing their inner abilities and mastery to transform anything that comes up to becoming a great resource that supports them in their journey.

If you feel called to know more, please reach out to me for a free consultation.

Ananda Soul Empowerment Session

Sometimes there are little humps and hurdles we don't know how to manage when we're navigating on our soul path. A single session can do a lot of healing and clearing, making us aware to our blind spots in order to evolve further. It is very helpful to get a session booked to get re-aligned on your soul path.


Ananda Soul Empowerment Package


I strongly believe that when we decide to walk our soul path we enter a time of huge personal transformation. My calling is to accompany people on this beautiful journey within.

For that reason I designed a special program where we together, enter a period of time and create space where you will be able to let go of everything blocking you in order to get back to your true soul essence.

what you will experience:

- learn how to re-connect to your higher self.

- experience to completely trust your self and your inner guidance. 

- remember how it feels when you're connected and aligned with your soul.

- know how to navigate trough life and become aware of all the signposts from nature and         the universe to lead you on your soul path. 

- how to stay on your soul path in every day life 

how do we get there: 

- we need 4 months of time 

- once per week we book a session a 2h for transformational work 

- once per week we catch up for questions per phone call for 30min

- you will receive bodywork for the healing of traumata

- we visit a sacred crystal grid and use the energy of crystals for healing work 

- we create own crystal grids for the support at your home 

- I will adjust the program to your very own needs and make sure you feel supported the           whole time



i am here for you! 

Get in touch so we can start working together.

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