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Thu, Nov 25


Gerenweg 22, 6402 Merlischachen , Switzerland

Ananda Tribe Event November 2021

Get inspired and dive in to the flow of the live channeled music of LIVING OCEAN. Two beautiful and open hearted musicians will support us on our journey when we travel in a deep meditation to our star seed to connect with our pure and divine essence of LOVE !

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Ananda Tribe Event  November 2021

Time & Location

Nov 25, 2021, 6:30 PM – 10:30 PM

Gerenweg 22, 6402 Merlischachen , Switzerland

About the Event

At this coming Ananda Tribe Event we have the honor to welcome two beautiful and open hearted musicians,

Chaim and Hai have created "Living Ocean" to gift the world with heart opening spiritual music.

Listening to the two souls when they let themselves dive into the Living Ocean is just so amazing and it takes you very fast into a deep state of meditation and relaxation.

Chaim Abergel is a very expierienced hung player and when he plays he is very connected to the source and plays the music intuitivley. Listening to him is like traveling into dimensions you have never been before...

Hai Haviv plays the guitar like Krishna playes his flute! The sounds bouncing off of his guitar strings let you instantly bathing in warm waters of pure love. His creational music origin come from higher dimensions.

Imagine the two musicians connecting with eachother and the universe...  when they merge into a flow of music you'll 

hear the calling to join a journey beyond this world!

During this tribe event we deeply connect through our open hearts with the energy of love. We connect as a group of individual souls and dive into the ocean of sounds and feel the deep connection of oneness we all are part of.

Through a guided meditation by Ansarah, we charge and activate our energetic field, also known as Merkaba, which is allowing us to travel trough space and time!

Accompanied by sounds, light and vibrations we are going to travel back to our origin, our own star seed.

Once you are reconnected with your pure essence you'll get the chance to remember:

  • why you are the way you are
  • what gifts you brought to share with others
  • and why you incarneted here on earth in this very special time span

While we are connected and aligned with our star seed we then call up on all our over the last thousands of years lost soul aspects to integrate and heal the soul. Once this has been completed you'll feel whole and gifted with deep trusted feelings of everything is just perfect the way it is!

After the meditation we have time to let ourselves still swimming in the music of Living Ocean and just deeply absorb and integrate what we just have expirienced. 

There is room for who ever wants to share or has questions about their journey and we'll be entering a state of exchanging with eachother. 

Afterwards we are going to enjoy a wonderful vegan dinner prepared with love by Pierre who's passionately creating high vibrational soul food. It is a natural and automatic process at his restaurant in Einsiedeln to bless every dish before it leaves the kitchen.

Come and feel the energy of our open hearted Tribe! It's a great time to connect with like hearted souls and entering a sacred field of healing energy. 

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    25. November 2021

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