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Ansarah the Founder of Ananda Tribe Will Share With You the Ways You can Live A Mindful Life And Connect to Your Higherself, During this Special Event and Open A Channel To Creating the Life You Wish to Have in 4-Hours

Summer Celestial Event with Live Healing Music &
Crystal Grid Ritual 


About the Event:

 Want to...

  • connect to your soul consciousness?

  • be able to deal with any situation better?

  • expand what you think is possible?

  • be free from limiting beliefs?

  • help find your purpose?

  • create the life you desire?

  • be around inspiring people?

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Then This is the Event for you...
Recharge Yourself on all Levels at Our Sacred Crystal Grid Ceremony!

  • Simple steps to understand your souls desire.

  • Be part of a sacred ceremony, activating a powerful healing grid with sacred geometry.

  • Quickly identify what is holding you back and remove limiting beliefs.

  • Access to unlimited and powerful internal resources from within and stay connected to the Universal Energies.

  • Understand your infinite love, values and your souls purpose.

  • Resolve internal conflict that holds you back from getting what you desire.

  • Be at peace within and connect to your higher-self.

  • Live your life with an open heart and in the present.


Usual Price CHF 108.00


SAVE 50%

NOW CHF 54.00


No obligations, no contracts, cancel at anytime prior to the event, 100% risk free.

100% Money Back Guarantee.

If you are not satisfied, we are not satisfied.

That is why we'll happily give you back your money if you are not happy within the first hour of the event.

During this Sacred Ceremony Ansarah Gives You EVERYTHING You Need to Create Your Own Personal Grid in Only 4-hours 

Small Investment with Exponential Return

Create The Life You Dream Of 

"Surround Yourself With People Who Inspire You"
"Bless the divine in you, open your heart and give thanks for a new life before it's made manifest "
"Life means growing - for a
lifetime. For this it takes  courage to open your heart and power for self realization"     

Dr. Ruediger Dahlke

Human medicine, Author            Psychotherapist

Dr. Joe Dispenza 

Neuroscientist and        spiritual Teacher

Not Clear On What You WANT?

Share With Us, What You Desire In Life And We Will Personally Coach You Using a System That Have Helped Thousands.

Sign Up today and SAVE 50%
pay only CHF54.00 instead of CHF108.00
Including Vegan Dishes

Only 10 Spots Left!!! 
Reserve Your Spot Now!


Join Us in Merlischachen...

Thursday, 26th of August 2021

18:00 - 22:00

Gerenweg 22  

6402 Merlischachen

During the 4-Hours Workshop You'll Learn to:

Increased Soul Connection
Have the tools to gain clarity about what you would like to have in your life.
Be able to identify and clear what is holding you back from what you would like to have.
Have More Energy 
Mindfulness exercises so you may experience more harmony and synergy within yourself.
Feeling more energetic and aware in the present moment.
Transform Your Reality
By learning how to uncover and understand old behavioral patterns, then implement more useful resources. Transforming the way you experience your world. 
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Follow Your Soul...
It will show you the way.

- Ananda Tribe


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If you are looking for a place where open hearted people come together to create from a place of love, then I can recommend from my heart working with Ansarah and being part of Ananda Tribe. There are many people in this world, and a new movement is beginning were like minded, kind souls are finding each other. This creative energy is incredible and her crystal grids are magical.

E. Hasler
Entrepreneur in Personal & Soul Development Field


When I first met Ansarah, her light was illuminating and her energy is so amazing. You can feel her heart in what she does and I am so grateful to be a part of the Ananda Tribe. I am really excited to meet other open hearted people at the events and feel this amazing cosmic energy from the unique crytsal grids.

D. Jansen

Co-Founder of Soul Spark CommUnity

Meet Your Spiritual Advisor

Ansarah Barino
Founder of Ananda Tribe, Spiritul Healer and Visionary

Ansarah's life is lead by her heart and she has dedicated her life to live her soul path with all it's gifts and responsibilities it holds.
She's incredibly interested and passionate about human evolution and the dramatically shifting of human consciousness and how that impacts the collective systems and structures we are globally living from, reconstructing and creating.
Her life’s purpose is to assist people in accessing their encoded heart intelligence, resulting in their Light shining bright and a self trust that is so strong they naturally – just by being themselves – ignite others – and this exactly is the purpose behind Ananda Tribe.

Giving Back 

Paying Forward with Educational Impact

Another benefit in joining is being able to give back through educational projects, that support children in developing their natural gifts.

Everytime a person signs up and commits to changing their lives, we donate 10% to the project to help support and change other peoples lives. 

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