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Sacred Full Moon
Cacao Party


Guardian of Ananda Tribe

Hi there,
My name is Ansarah, Spiritual Counsellor and Founder of Ananda Tribe.

I am a creative soul, a loving mom of 3 children, a dog mother, a nature lover, a crystal collector, a flower obsessor and an empathic listener...

My life is lead by my heart and I have dedicated my life to live my soul path with all it's gifts and responsibilities it holds.

I am incredibly interested and passionate about human evolution and the dramatically shifting of human consciousness and how that impacts the collective systems and structures we are globally living from, reconstructing and creating.

My calling is to support women and men in understanding how to connect with their internal guidance and embrace their intuition and unique soul based information. I deeply believes that when we attune to our core essence we are able to create a life that’s vibrant, potent and aligned.

My life’s purpose is to assist people in accessing their encoded heart intelligence, resulting in their Light shining bright and a self trust that is so strong they naturally – just by being themselves – ignite others – and this exactly is the purpose behind Ananda Tribe. 

Join The Movement

Become part of Ananda Tribe and join a community of spiritual souls who are co-creating for a higher vision, clearing the path to help others heal and connect to their inner heart.


Our Principles

We are all whole, as we are.

We are LOVE.

We are connected to source.

We are our own creators.

NOW is the moment of power.

Strength comes within.

Together we are co-creator of this magnificent Universe.

When we focus our light, we can create a beam of creation.

You are never alone.

Upcoming Ceremony

 Connect with our open hearted tribe energy!
Sacred Full Moon Cacao Party


Our rituals will take place in special energetic locations around Zürich. 

We look forward to having a magical ritual with you!


You are a gift to this Universe 

Everything matters, as you matter.

All is possible and every experience is here to help you expand your connection and awareness of love!

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