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My Path

about my 1st Life:

The Adventure

While I grew up in Switzerland, my journey at 22 took me to southern California, where I lived with the father of my first two children. Living the California lifestyle was filled with beautiful beaches, breath taking sunsets and an easy going life. It seemed as if I had everything, yet something deep inside me missed being back home with my loving family. I felt there was more to life and over the years our careers took us to separate places in the world.

I started to reflect on my life and asked myself, of this is what I truly wanted. I always felt life is so precious and that I wanted to create something that impacted my life and improved the life for others.  This was the beginning of finding my inner gifts and abilities.

about my 2nd Life:

The Return

Returning home gave me a sense of security through the warm embrace of my family and friends. During this time I wanted to discover more about everything life had to offer and came across a book that changed my life, "Wake Up, Your Life is Waiting." It was about creating a vision and expanding my vision about what I felt was possible. So, I began to imagine what I wanted in life and the impact I wanted to leave behind.

At the age of 35, I realized I had exactly what I envisioned. We enjoyed a beautiful life, our family grew and I committed to following my inner voice and soul path. I began training as a personal & life coach and trained as yoga teacher. Learning about the essence of life and balance, I wanted to learn more of the ancient wisdom and choose the path of Shamanism. I embarked on a sacred healing journey and learned of the ancient teachings passed down from generation to generation from the medicine men and women that paved the way. Learning the path of a Shaman is to embrace and live your soul path. Shamanism is working on a soul level: it is a process of change ... In this moment I felt there was a shift coming and this took me on the next life phase.

about my 3rd Life:

The Creation


While I appreciated and was grateful for my life, I felt there was something calling me... A whisper that was always present, but the voice became stronger and stronger. It was calling me to step into my wholeness, to share my inner abilities and gifts.


I knew if I followed my inner voice, it would change the life I had built and so I silenced my own voice. I rejected the impulse of going deeper into my own truth and became a part of a life, which only embraced part of my abilities.

My true self wanted to radiate outward and kept asking kindly for the allowance to be seen and heard.

But I was afraid and mastered to keep this pure and powerful force inside, because I knew it would put my life upside down! 

I rejected the impulse of going deeper into my own truth to discover my true purpose and instead I decided it was easier to adjust myself to the outside in order to keep life easy.

But it was not easier to go against my own voice, in fact it took more energy avoiding my truth. In 2017, I broke down and went to a rehabilitation center, it was spirituality that save me in this moment! Being a recent mother, I was able to catch up on my sleep, regain my strength and meditated every day.

In this moment, I realized the power of going within and began listening to my inner voice again.

I started learning the spiritual teachings of the Universe, building a spiritual community, and holding sacred ceremonies in my home. I realized when I listen to my inner voice, I was aligned with my true purpose and wanted to expand to be a source of inspiration in the world.

It helped me to embrace a new path, opening up what I kept hidden for so long... I decided to surrender to my inner voice, face my fears to close one door and open a new path, to walk my soul path.


It was the fear of

my own LIGHT,

the fear of my own POWER,

the fear of my own


With the awareness I found myself and, in this moment, true self-love. It was as if I felt like jumping out of a plane with no parachute but realizing I could fly. I knew the only thing that was truly holding me back was fear and when I healed the structures, I connected to the divine within myself, and I knew it was time to shine and help others shine too.

am blessed to now help others listed to their won inner voice and walk their true souls path.

I am grateful

for all those who have walked with me in my journey so far and look forward to the many beautiful connections to come.


With Love


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